Camp History (continued)

In May of 1960 it was decided to incorporate as the "South Shore Congregational Youth Conferences." Over the past years, 15 south shore churches have been involved in the program. The current members are the Old South Union Church, First Church of Braintree, The First Church of Weymouth, Union Congregational Church, and Bethany Church of Quincy.

Over the 50 years there have been three homes. The first 25 years were at Winni, the next 18 years were at Camp Kingsmont in West Stockbridge, MA, and for the past 9 years we have been at the Ossipee Lake Conference Center, also known as Camp Cody.

During the first 15 years the program and activities were planned by the Ministers. Things were much more "formal." Campers always wore name tags and addressed the staff by Mr., Mrs., or Miss. The original counselors were the parents or adults who were the same age as the parents of the campers. Everyone dressed for dinner, campers took one required class and one elective class each morning. Missionaries came from different countries to share their experiences. It was really like "Sunday School under the Pines" with ministers teaching the classes.

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