Camp History (continued)

The year 1969 was the low point in attendance with only 115 campers attending. There was some consideration that the program be dropped, however there was a decision made to extend the program for one more year. The next year, 1970, attendance was back up to close to 200 campers. Since then we have never considered ending the program. In 1972 we initiated a new approach to morning program and stared to involve the staff more in the planning and running the program. Also in 1972, music became more a part of the program with the addition of Rev. Terry Martinson from Old South Union. In 1977 we had our first group of graduating seniors, before those seniors were involved in a separate camping program.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 1982, however it was our last year at Winni. Our numbers had continued to increase and at that point we decided we needed a larger facility to hold Camp. We were fortunate in locating Camp Kingsmont in West Stockbridge, MA. In 1983 our theme was "A New Beginning." As Kingsmont could accommodate more campers, our attendance rose steadily. In 1997, the last of the original churches , Quincy Point Congregational Church, dropped out after 39 years. Bethany Congregational Church took their place is 1998.

The year 2000 marked our 18th and final year at Kingsmont. Needless to say, we were faced with the problem of relocation again. We needed to find a site that could accommodate 425+. At the recommendation of Carl Oren, the director of Camp Calumet, we visited and decided upon the Lake Ossipee Conference Center in Freedom, NH.

As we prepare to celebrate our 52nd year, we have over 400 campers and a staff of over 80.

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