"A Vacation with a Purpose"


SSCYC, Inc. is an organization of five churches dedicated to provide an amazing week of summer camp for their teens. "Camp" is organized to provide the youth of the participating churches a chance to have fellowship with each other in a Christian setting. Through chapel, vespers, morning watch, discussion groups, organized recreation, and a well-rounded social program, we fulfill the overall purpose of the camp.

This truly is A Vacation with a Purpose

Camp 2017
Saturday August 19th - Saturday August 26th
Registration Due
Sunday April 30th
Balance Due
Sunday June 4th
Last day to withdraw with refund
Saturday August 5th
Registration Fee
$330.00 (Refundable until August 5th)

The registration process is completely online.

A completed registration consists of:

All registrations received will be screened for eligibility by the participating churches. Eligibility requires being an active member of one of the participating churches or their youth groups. If you are not a member, or do not fulfill the requirements to attend this summer camp this year, your registration will be declined and your registration fee will be refunded.

All eligible applicants will be automatically be put on a general waiting list. The official camp roster will be created on or around May 21st with input regarding youth group participation and behavior in good standing during the year. Notifications will be sent to those who have been enrolled. A waiting list will be maintained until camp begins in the event that those enrolled cannot attend. The registration fee will be refunded after camp for the applicants who remained on the waiting list and did not have the opportunity to attend.

ALL applicants that submit registrations after the registration due date will automatically be placed on the waiting list and WILL NOT make the initial camp enrollment. To guarantee you will at least have the opportunity to make the initial enrollment, please make sure your Registration Form and Registration Fee are ON TIME, on or before the due date of April 30th.

  1. Complete an online registration form for each applicant. The registration forms will be digitally signed and submitted. A copy will be emailed to you. You will not need to mail a registration form.
  2. Pay the registration fee online at the end of the online registration process. You may also mail a check to SSCYC, Inc. P.O. Box 890008, Weymouth, MA 02189-0001. We will not accept cash payments.
  3. Upload a "head-shot" photo or each applicant during the registration process. Alternately, you may email the photo to